Justin Frenzel

Headshot of Justin Frenzel

I graduated from the University of Delaware with a double major in finance and accounting. Shortly after I became an auditor in PwC’s New York real estate audit practice. Nearly a decade into my 15-year career there, a mentor gave me some great advice. He said, “In the sea of talented folk here, you need to figure out what sets you apart, what makes you special, and what you’re passionate about.” Reflecting on this, I realized that I was the most passionate about the technical side of accounting. 

A year later, I started a three-year tour in PwC’s National Office as a director of technical real estate accounting. I worked with some of the firms’ best and brightest, tackling some of the most complex accounting issues and transactions that the real estate industry had to offer. I focused heavily on the new leases’ standard, co-authored two chapters in PwC’s Leases Guide (a nationally recognized publication), and traveled the country speaking with companies and presenting at conferences. Following my tour, I returned to the audit practice, focusing on the most challenging REIT clients New York had to offer. 

Beginning in 2018 things changed. I married my wife, Taylor, and we became parents to two beautiful girls, Caroline and Eleanor. Shortly after, we were in a global pandemic; a natural reflection point, and I realized my passions changed. Personally, I cared deeply for my family and strived for a more balanced life to spend with them. Professionally, I realized I valued working for a company where I could play a larger role in building a great team and culture, where my contributions can consistently stay and grow with a company. It was just three months after this realization that we sold our house in New Jersey, moved across the country to the great state of Colorado, and I found a new home at NexCore Group as the Senior Vice President of Accounting. 

Today, I feel incredibly fortunate to be working with a team of intelligent, hard-working, and thoughtful people. Between the team and NexCore’s devotion to building better outcomes for everyone involved in their healthcare, life science and senior living projects, I’m motivated every day.  

Outside of work, I spend most of my free time exploring Colorado, honing my skills as a struggling golfer, and simply enjoying quality time with my family and our new Denver community.