NexCore Announces New Executive Titles

Denver-based NexCore Group, a national healthcare real estate (HRE) developer, recently announced changes to its executive team titles. The changes take place immediately.
Greg Venn remains CEO and Founding Partner, and will still serve on NexCore’s Board of Directors. Mr. Venn’s former role and title of President is now in the hands of Jarrod Daddis, who also serves as Managing Partner.
In addition, two other Managing Partners in the firm, Todd Varney and Ed Christen, have title changes. Mr. Varney is now Chief Development Officer and Mr. Christen is now Chief Investment Officer. Another key member of the executive team, Robert Lawless, remains Chief Financial Officer and Managing Partner.
“These title and role changes flow perfectly with our firm’s roots, our sustainability plan, even our firm’s name,” Mr. Venn says. “Fifteen years ago, when our founders were wondering what to call our new entity, it was suggested that we, the founders, were the ‘next core’ of this exciting new company. We dropped the ‘t’, and named it NexCore. As we celebrate phenomenal success with our beautiful new headquarters, this seems the right time to pass the leadership of the company on to the ‘next core’ of new leaders.”
NexCore Group has undergone expansive growth with a multitude of healthcare projects of various types spanning the country. The group’s strategy is to provide excellent healthcare facilities accentuated by quality, convenience, efficiency and complementary service.