Ed Christen

Headshot of Ed Christen

Since the start of my career as a CPA and CFA, I’ve had a passion for numbers and the stories they tell.  Numbers allow for problem solving, informed decision making and the measurement of outcomes.  While how I use numbers has evolved over time, including to produce financial statements, project pro formas, and structure and negotiate deals, one thing has always rung true for me – numbers are powerful and can drive critical conclusions and strategies.  

At NexCore we rely heavily on numbers to allow us to create optimal solutions for each of our real estate transactions.  Each deal is a free-flowing puzzle with critical decision points throughout the process and we pride ourselves on making well-informed data-driven decisions. We’ve put together an exceptionally talented team of multi-disciplined individuals that collaborate to solve each puzzle. This is the main reason I believe NexCore Group has been so successful.

During my fifteen years at NexCore Group my role has evolved, but it has always been grounded in all things financial, including structuring, negotiating, modeling, due diligence, reporting and transactions. I have been involved in over $4.2B of real estate transactions across multiple asset classes and transaction types. 

If I were to craft the perfect position for myself, this is it. I can’t imagine myself in a different career. I have loved working with our NexCore team and our capital partners through multiple real estate cycles and I’m very excited about what lies ahead.