NexCore Group Lobby with receptionist desk and individuals walking through the space

Delivering Inspiration

United by one passion: innovative real estate solutions

We Create Spaces that work for People

NexCore Group builds lasting investment and development partnerships by approaching every project with fresh thinking and custom solutions. We collaborate with clients, employees, investors, architects, engineers, municipalities, communities and construction providers to deliver high-quality facilities and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We believe in the merits of researching a myriad of ideas, molding them with input from all stakeholders, and providing our clients with multiple options to consider. This collaborative, market-driven approach results in solutions that exceed expectations for branding, efficiency and cost.

Our mission is to uncover opportunities, invent solutions, and create value through real estate, operational, and financial strategies for the betterment of our clients, teammates, investors, residents and the communities we serve.

Who’s Responsible at NexCore

Who Brings Capital to Our Projects

Who Takes Care of Our Project & Company Investors

Who Leads Our Transactions

Who Delivers Our Projects

Who Takes Care of Our Tenants, Residents & Properties

Who Takes Care of the “Us” in “NexUs”

Who Advances Our Company in the Market

Our Sustainability Commitment

NexCore Group is committed to promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility through innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and waste while focusing on economic, social, and environmental performance. We work to positively impact the environment and community to create a better future for all.