Greg Hundley

Headshot of Greg Hundley

Throughout my 27+ year career, I’ve developed deep expertise in commercial and healthcare real estate law. As Executive Vice President and General Counsel at NexCore, I oversee transaction structuring and all other legal matters related to development, construction, ownership, leasing, management, and financing. 

Structuring transactions can be challenging and difficult, but I love to see ideas and thoughts on paper turn into some real and concrete, bringing something valuable and tangible to a community. I am blessed to work with many great people, and we constantly navigate through the complexities of healthcare real estate, making sure we achieve the end outcome for NexCore, our partners, and the communities we serve.

Personally, I am a highly-collaborative, approachable, and cooperative leader who enjoys working alongside clients, partners, and colleagues to develop thoughtful solutions. I have developed many long-term relationships within the field, and I always look forward to collaborating with partners to find mutual solutions that provide wins for both sides.

Words of wisdom that I have learned along the journey include:

  • No question is too dumb
  • Always be approachable
  • Perfection is the enemy of profit
  • Time wounds all deals
  • Focus on mitigating risk, not eliminating it

I had known about NexCore and its entrepreneurial spirit. I was trying to recruit someone from NexCore to my old company and he ended up recruiting me instead. Currently, we are the top healthcare real estate developer in the country and it’s great being a part of the best. We have so much potential, and we’re just getting started!