Greg Venn

Headshot of Greg Venn

I’m a Colorado native and I’m very proud of that. I grew up in South East Colorado, went to college in Boulder, and have spent my entire working career in the state. My dad, a cattle rancher in Lamar his whole life, taught me something early on about business that guided me throughout my career: “If a man’s word is no good, then he is no good.”  So honesty and doing what you say is an important part of my business ethic.  

My career has spanned the areas of architecture, finance, real estate brokerage, property management, business administration, and construction management. Each experience has reinforced the importance of those core standards my dad was referring to of integrity, straight talk, openness, resiliency, and fairness. These standards define my current role as CEO of NexCore Group. I’m honored to have spent the last 20 years working with incredible partners, investors, and colleagues who have helped expand NexCore’s mission and realize its vision.

Heading up NexCore Group means developing organizational strategies, identifying new opportunities, and assisting transaction managers with structuring financial solutions tailored to each development project. I oversee the executive team working who manage the major disciplines at NexCore;  business planning, operations, real estate development, capital and finance.

NexCore Group has successfully managed and developed specialized projects ranging from 30,000 to 300,000 square feet and $10 million to $200 million in investments. Business and real estate development has many challenges. While the markets ebb and flow, the one thing that remains constant for me is the excitement derived from meeting challenges and working alongside a talented and passionate team to deliver projects that improve outcomes — whether that is a healthcare project that expands access to quality care in rural markets, a senior living project that enhances the quality of life for a family’s loved ones, or a life sciences development that helps researchers develop a breakthrough therapy.

My wife, Penny, of 33 years, is also a Colorado native. We grew up together and we met at my first architectural office experience in 1984. We have two beautiful, intelligent, wonderful children, Kalen and Karly. We enjoy traveling as a family and creating cherished lifelong memories.