Jeremy Allen

Headshot of Jeremy Allen

I once had a professor tell me I’d never make it in real estate. As a driven individual who seeks out challenges, I like proving people wrong. 

Rowing in the Ivy League, I developed a disciplined work ethic through hours of practice and repetition trying to get to that perfect stroke. I now use this same discipline to lead the top healthcare real estate research team in the country.

With over 20 years in commercial real estate, I’ve held positions as an appraiser, broker, feasibility consultant, and head of research, giving me a well-rounded viewpoint of the real estate cycle. On the heels of the Great Recession, I brokered a 400-room boutique hotel in Scottsdale after many months, over 40 property tours and a lot of rolling up my sleeves and negotiating. Driving that project to the finish line ingrained in me that max effort and unyielding determination is required in a successful real estate deal.

Having become the tip of the spear for the development team at NexCore, I’ve learned to carry a high standard. When an appraiser is valuing a property, a feasibility consultant is writing up a market study or a broker is selling a piece of real estate, once the project is finished you move on. In my position, it’s required to accurately predict the future, champion the project at every turn, spend countless hours grounding assessments and hold personal accountability for your prediction once the project opens. I’ve never had more satisfaction in my professional career than seeing our projects successfully come to fruition.

In my off time, I’m a college football fanatic and I like to “attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.” My wife is a senior leader at an educational non-profit and one of the top chefs in Denver. We met on a blind date, the real way not on the Internet. We have 3 boys and whenever we can we try to make it to one of the oceans (Atlantic or Pacific). If it’s surf or ski, we surf.