Julia Wilson

Headshot of Julia Wilson

I love people, and I love real estate. With over 17 years of experience managing people and properties in medical commercial real estate, I understand what capital partners need and tenants want. As Senior VP of Real Estate Management at NexCore, I enjoy building trusting relationships with capital partners, tenants, vendors, and internal teams, and this passion has enabled me to connect with hospital systems and medical groups across the country. 

When I first started my career as a property manager, our tenants at the company I was with did not like management, and they didn’t trust us either. For years, I worked hard to gain their trust, partnering with them to complete complex projects, update facilities, and listen to their needs. Now, I have a very close and trusting relationship with several of those tenants. 

Building trust through relationships and listening. For me, that’s what real estate is all about – relationships that go beyond the buildings we develop.

My areas of expertise include: 

  • Medical Real Estate
  • Understanding and Negotiating Leases and Contracts
  • Managing Buildings and Capital Improvements
  • Creating Innovative Real Estate Solutions
  • Growing and Nurturing Relationships