Lori Souza

Headshot of Lori Souza

I started with NexCore as a smaller company, and I have enjoyed the excitement of growing along with the company. I have always enjoyed numbers and people. As a manager of accountants, I get to have the best of both worlds. I started at NexCore almost 10 years ago as a property accountant. Now, I’m the Vice President, Accounting for the accounting department, where I supervise a dynamic team of experts and produce over 100 sets of financials each month. I have managed a $1.4 billion portfolio throughout my career, giving me the expertise and experience needed to succeed.

I take great pride in sharing my knowledge and expertise with others, especially when it comes to designing quality training and developing future leaders. I am an expert in Commercial Real Estate Accounting and Tax Preparation, and I have deep experience training other accountants in these areas, as well. I enjoy developing and implementing innovative processes to create efficient and effective workflows for the accounting team, interdepartmental teams, and clients. More than anything, I strive to be an energetic and enthusiastic leader who pushes people to achieve their highest potential while always ensuring that capital partners’ needs are met. 

One of my favorite quotes comes from Neil Gaiman. He said, “Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, do it.” Fear is paralyzing and we can’t be afraid to step out. We all make mistakes, but those tend to be our greatest learning opportunities. 

It is amazing to be part of a group that strives for success with creative ways to solve every challenge faced. NexCore is a hivemind for real estate. We work towards the best solutions with the best in the business.